Thursday, May 19, 2011

Music - Hi-Fi High Lights Down Low (Lodger, 2004)

Genres of music work in funny ways. You can slap a prefix onto a well known term, and suddenly it becomes something completely different. Enter Lodger, an independent Finnish post-punk band. And by post-punk, I mean lyrics that are still crude and disheveled, but with an added touch of at-least-we-have-sophistication-enough-to-use-more-than-just-powerchords-and-badly-written-anthems-you-pathetic-excuses-for-musicians. To put it simply, they are more experimental, so their sound is a lot more varied than your typical punk band (Although, at this point, "punk" is only present in the lyrics, as they have abandoned any hope of being labeled as anything after the 7th track). If I had to put it into a word... Chill. Very laid back stuff thats good to just sit back and let the cadence take you for a ride. 
Unless you're easily offended.

They never really reached popularity outside of Finland, however, they made flash music videos as well, which pulled in a few more people from around the world (Although I happened to stumble upon this band thanks to... well... StumbleUpon.). They were originally on their website, however it got shut down recently. Thankfully, most of them are available on Youtube, in glorious 240p:
As if the lyrics weren't vulgar enough...

If you're interested, there are also two more albums by this artist: How Vulgar (2007) and Honeymoon is Over (2008). If you're looking to buy it, you can get it relatively cheap off of amazon, in both mp3 and audio CD.
Of course, there are other means of getting ahold of this album, but it's a closely guarded secret.

You'll have to get through these salty sea dogs first.

Recommended tracks:
I Love Death
Short Man on TV
When I Was Six


  1. Oh my God... if someone makes a cd cover with that scary kid, it would be "friday the 13rd"'s soundtrack.

  2. Forget the kid, forget the skin colour... what is horrible is that scarred fat woman. There realy wasnt any rollercaster image on google images with actualy pretty people?

  3. Im not really into punk rock, but Ill give this a listen. Cool pics lol.

  4. love it when people show me some great new music!