Sunday, May 22, 2011

Foods - Jones Soda

Quick, what do a wet park bench, a dog poking its head out the window, and a closed down museum exhibit covered in caution tape have in common? Probably nothing, except for the fact that they could all be things featured on the front of a bottle of Jones Soda. Want that picture of you in a bunny suit in your backyard on a bottle of soda? Jones is the guy to ask. The photo you accidentally took while the camera was in your satchel and features your friend looking like some blurry deity? They'll definitely look into it. Your website?

Jones Soda comes in a multitude of flavors. Seriously, I couldn't tell you how many flavors there are and have been. But I can tell you this: They are freaking delicious. If Jones Soda wasn't the best soda ever, I wouldn't be here blogging about it. You see, Jones Soda is like wrestling a bear in an attempt to save the young woman it was originally targeting. Despite what you may think, that you'd have no chance, with added context, you would see that the bear was not only very old, but also very sick because he had escaped from his climate controlled area in the zoo a week and a half earlier and was dying of starvation; not to mention you are also a professional wrestler and are wearing protective gear. Here's a Jones Soda.


  1. Never heard of this but if I come across any I'll try it.

  2. never heard of it, but it looks just great. :P

  3. Yeah that reminds me of good old soda back from commie times!