Saturday, May 21, 2011

Music - [blomljud] (Moon Safari, 2008)

Yeesh, what is it with me and bands from Scandinavia? Here we have [blomljud], the debut album of the Swedish progressive band Moon Safari. "Blomljud" is Swedish for "Sound of flowers." Which pretty much sums up the album entirely.


Okay, not quite exactly, but the best way to describe the sound would be happy and spring influenced. Like, vomiting rainbows kind of happy. Like, "Oh dear Christ I just dislocated my jaw from smiling too hard" sort of happy. It's relentless. But oh soo good. Be warned, this is a progressive rock album. Meaning, really meaty, so make sure you don't plan to listen to anything else for a whole week after getting into this. Oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention, it's 104 minutes long

This one's kinda hard to come by. You can get an audio CD off of amazon... for 40 bucks. You can also purchase the MP3 download, which goes for about 8 bucks. Unless you have some kind of alternative method.

Recommended tracks:
- Constant Bloom
- Ghost of Flower's Past
- Yasgur's Farm

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  1. I've heard really good things about this band, I might have to get hold of their album, sounds pretty cool.